25 May, 2016 - NME.com
Iggy Pop has compared the composer of his new film’s soundtrack to David Bowie. Iggy stars in new film Blood Orange, playing an ageing rock star troubled by his promiscuous wife (Kacey Barnfield) reigniting her romance with an ex-boyfriend (Ben Lamb). The songs Iggy Pop sings in the film are composed by Tim Arnold, a veteran independent singer-songwriter who has self-released 13 albums. Arnold told NME: “I know the people who made Blood Orange, but Iggy handpicked my songs as the ones he wanted to sing in the film. That’s very flattering.” Iggy compared Arnold’s theme song for the film, Money Kills Love, to his old friend Bowie’s 1977 album ‘Low’, which Iggy sang backing vocals on. Pop said: “They sent along a demo which Tim had done in a home studio. It had a noir, detective movie guitar riff that comes and goes, but mainly four notes of a very plaintive, simple saxophone theme, just four forlorn notes." “It could have been an outtake from ‘Kind of Blue’ by Miles Davis, or maybe side two of ‘Low’ by Bowie and Brian Eno. I liked it and they redid it with real musicians, which roughened it up. It reminded me a little of some things that Chet Baker did. I thought it was a real nice theme, effective for the film.” Iggy Pop also appears in the video for ‘Money Kills Love’, which can be seen below. Arnold, who was the singer in Britpop-era band Jocasta, said: “It’s amazing that Iggy took the time to time to listen to my music, let alone compare it to David Bowie. I don’t know if he realised that apart from writing it, I performed and produced it too. As an artist, it’s really reinforced my self-belief.” The singer added that he gave Iggy Pop a copy of his William Shakespeare-themed album ‘Sonnet 155’ after hearing that The Stooges vocalist is a Shakespeare fan. Arnold and Iggy both appear at the Isle Of Wight Festival on June 11.
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